Why MissionSquare Retirement is the Right Choice

Whether you are just starting to save for your retirement or deciding whether the MissionSquare Retirement plan available through your employer is the best option for you, MissionSquare Retirement offers a number of benefits. We're dedicated to helping public employees build retirement security, and all of our products and services are designed with the public employee in mind.

Here are a few factors that make MissionSquare Retirement stand out from other retirement savings alternatives:

  • We are an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to serving public employees since 1972, with specialists in public employee retirement planning and education.
  • MissionSquare Retirement offers a broad selection of investment opportunities. Participants have access to a variety of funds from familiar fund families.
  • MissionSquare Retirement's fees are competitive, and all fees and expenses are fully disclosed. We also make available a Vantagepoint IRA.
  • MissionSquare Retirement offers flexible payout options for retirees. Depending on the options made available by your employer in your plan, you will have several ways to receive payments while continuing to invest your remaining assets.
  • You will have access to investment and education materials designed specifically for public employees. Our quarterly newsletter and other publications help keep you up to date.
  • Managing your MissionSquare Retirement account is convenient, with online access to your account, an automated voice response system, and Investor Services associates who can help you make changes over the phone.
  • Personalized service is available from our Investor Services team and representatives in your area. Our professionals can assist you with all aspects of your retirement plan, from enrolling to investing to retiring. MissionSquare Retirement also employs salaried Certified Financial PlannerTM professionals who can help with your financial planning needs.
  • Your assets are held separately from and not commingled with MissionSquare Retirement's corporate assets. This structure helps to protect your assets for your future.

Before investing, please read the applicable Fund Fact Sheet(s) and the Fund's Disclosure Memorandum carefully for a complete summary of all fees, expenses, investment objectives and strategies, and risks. This information is available when you log in at www.missionsq.org/login, or upon request by calling (800) 669-7400. Investing in mutual funds and other investment vehicles involves risk, including possible loss of the amount invested. Investors should carefully consider the Fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses before investing or sending money. The prospectus contains this and other information about the investment company. All Vantagepoint Funds invested through 401 or 457 plans are held through VantageTrust. Vantagepoint Funds are distributed by ICMA-RC Services LLC, a wholly owned broker-dealer subsidiary of MissionSquare Retirement and member FINRA/SIPC. For a current prospectus, contact MissionSquare Retirement by calling (800) 669-7400 (TDD: (800) 669-7471) or write to 777 North Capitol Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002-4240. You may also visit us on the Web at www.missionsq.org. Para asistencia en Español llame al (800) 669-8216.

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