Board of Directors

Tanisha Briley
Board Chair
City Manager
City of Gaithersburg, MD

Opal Mauldin-Jones
City Manager
City of Lancaster, TX

Brian Clarke
Non-Executive Director to the Board of Low Carbon Investment Management
White Stone, VA

Marc Ott
Executive Director
Washington, D.C.
Serves Ex-Officio

Lee Feldman
Senior Advisor for Local Government Strategy
Gainesville, FL

Deanna Santana
Former City Manager
City of Santa Clara, CA

Lynne Ford
Chief Executive Officer & President
MissionSquare Retirement
Washington, D.C.
Serves Ex-Officio

Cynthia Steer
Birch Mountain Advisors, LLC
Bolton, CT

Robert Jones
Retired Chairman &
Chief Executive Officer

Old National Bancorp
Evansville, IN

Denean Williams
CEO & Head of Investment Technology
4Alphas Capital
Management, LLC
Exton, PA

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